"Bob" is a little animation short that tells the story of a hamster which trys to follow his hoepfully true love around the globe. It was created during our second year at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg Germany. 
The core team consisted of Jacob, Harry and Anna. Luckily we had several other people that helped us during our production. The whole three minute short got created in six months and has been running on festival ever since it got finished.

  tom tomzahner

Tom probably has the manliest voice a man could have and even James Bond has to watch out for him!
Even though we never met Tom he seems to be a great guy because this is not the first that he helps out on a Filmakademie student project. His awesome english accent was the perfect match for our short and we are so happy that he helped us out!
We got in touch with him through our sound designer Marco who knows him from earlier recordings and asked him if he wants to record a line for a student short. Within only a couple of hours we already had a bunch of different recordings and the style of variations was wonderful!
Thanks a lot Tom! 

After graduation Anna was a trainee in advertisement consultant. Then she became a Bachelor of arts studiying theatre and Media at the university of Bayreuth.Since 2008 she studies production at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, 2010 she specilized in Animation / Effects producing.
To us she is definitely the best producer out there! (Thank you J! *smile*)

After Jacob pitched Bob, I really loved the story so I had to join immediately. When Bob was finished I started to send the film to almost every festival hoping to reach people for a little laugh. It worked! So now many people all over the world have seen this tiny piece of work! It does not matter where you're from...Korea, Russia, US, Canada, Japan, Italy, Iran and so on...everybody understands the funny story and hopefully many more will see it and smile. Australia and Africa are those continets that have not seen Bob yet - we work this out! Many thanks to the audience that voted for us and Thank you Jacob for your confidence!


Hey my name is Jacob and I am one of the two directors who were responsible for creating BOB. This film was done during one of our courses at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and it was the first time for me that I got in contact with a 3d software.
The task of the course is pretty simple: Make a short film. We could choose how we would approach it, whether in 2d, stopmotion or 3d and since neither Harry nore I had a great knowledge about the 3d software Maya, we decided to throw ourselves into the water since learning by doing is the best way to pick it up.

We spent months being at the Filmakademie and while we were working we watched tutorials or asked colleagues to give us the knowledge that we needed.
It took six tense months and we were working without a break. The university became our home and after going to bed it was the first thing we thought of when we woke up again. Even though it has been hard to work on the better it feels when everything is done.
It's crazy on how many festivals Bob got screened and the last time I counted we broke the 100 mark! That's insane! It's been a great time working on it and even though there are plenty of things I would like to change or fix in the film I think it became quite good as a first animated short.
Our team was great and we can call ourselves lucky that we found the right people at the right time.

Thanks a lot everyone!
  harry harryfast

Besides being one of the directors, Harry was the one who brought BOB from paper to the computer and then to life. His sketches and three dimensional modeling skills created our little hamster out of the blue.While the sets were being built, Harry took care that Bob gets his necessary plastic surgery so that anyone would be able to animate him right away.

Harry is originaly from Cologne and studied at the Animation School Hamburg before he started at the Filmakademie. He's definitely one of the most taltented concept artist at the Filmakademie!
  steffi stefanieren

Stefanie formerly known as Stöps studies screenwriting at the Filmakademie and sat down with us to brainstorm different stories for our project. When we finally figured out what we wanted to do she wrote a script as a guideline for us and from there on we started the producton.
Stöps was born in 1987 in Pingtung/ Taiwan and during her school days she worked as an intern at the ‚Badische Zeitung', a news paper, and wrote articles for the school paper. After her graduation in 2006 she worked as an intern at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where she worked on student film sets in different positions (Script/ Continuity, Production Design,Set Manager). Since October 2007 she studies screenwriting at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The short movies "Bob" and "Ich bin's,Helmut", which she both co-wrote, have won many prizes at festivals all over the world. Since May 2009 Stefanie works as a student trainee at the onlineeditorial department at the ‚Stuttgarter Zeitung', a news paper.
Besides that she is very small and in case you'll ever meet here, don't make fun of it! 
  michi michaellederhuber

This bavarian hot shot turned our characters and sets into color. He probably regrets that the moment we talked about the project was on a party and we all were very drunk. Next day there was no turning back.
We got to know him on his first year at the academy and he was a huge support for us espacially at the beginng of the production. Michael setup a reliable production pipeline that helped us to get things done in time. He became a very good friend and we don't want to miss him.
He loves soccer and his favorite club is Bayern Munich he even has a Bayern Munich calendar in his room at university. So in case you'll ever meet him and the filmtalk gets boring, football might be the perfect topic switch!
  hendrik hendrikpanz

Fur Fur Fur, Hair Hair and Fur. The biggest problem of making Bob was having a character that has Fur all over his body and Hendrik made it possible that Bob got a nice warm dress.
Hendrik is Bob's digital barber and without him we might have had two naked mole rats chasing each other.
All the fur got created within Maya and we used a plugin called Shave and a Haircut by Joe Alter. We were pretty glad to have Hendriks support because the whole setup didnt look that easy at all!
And to make it even a little bit more technical: We rendered the hair with the Maya Software Renderer instead of Mental Ray because it is faster and gave us at least better results. There are approximately 3.000.000 single hairs on his body. After being rendered, the single fur layer went to the compositing.
Hendrik studies Technical Director at the Filmakademie and did an six months long internship at Pixar in 2010. 
  marco marcomanzo

While the film was done in Ludwigsburg the sound got created in Düsseldorf which is about 370 km away from each other. Marco is a professional sound designer and works at studiofunk, which is one of the biggest sound studios in Düssledorf.
He was responsible for all the sounds (except the music) and did the final mixing. Whether it was an old woodwheel rolling over rocks or naked feet running over sand he created that stuff. He even gave his voice to on of the hamster. 
  karol karolobara

Unfortunately Karol did already graduate from the Filmakademie, otherwise we could have said that he is without a doubt one of the most talented musicians and componists on our university. When we asked him if he wants to join our team his schedule was already packed with other projects, but still he squsihed us in there and after giving us a broad variety of first rough mixes within just a few days we could already nail down the direction we wanted to head.
One weekend later we had our final composition. Everything mixed on the computer and we couldnt believe it. Fast and perfect.
Thanks a lot Karol!