Here is a listing of all the prizes and awards that BOB won during his race around the globe.
Thanks a lot to everyone who voted for us during all the Audience Awards that we won and even for those where we didnt. Those awards are probably the best ones you can earn, because they show what the majority thinks. Thanks a lot for being such a great audience. Everytime we had the honour to be at one of  the festivals screenings it was a great feeling to hear you laugh and enjoy the film.













Additional mention:

Los Angeles International New wave Film festival, Los Angeles/USA (22.-25.04.2011) – Honorable mention

Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, Bamberg/Germany (17.-23.01.2011) - Audience Award

Victoria Independent Film Festival (22.01.2012) - Best animation

Watersprite student film festival  (24.-26.02.2012) - Best direction 



Trickfilmfestival Wiesbaden , Wiesbaden/Germany (15.-18.10.2009)

stuttgartnacht 2009 Stuttgart/Germany (17.10.09)

exground filmfest Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden/Germany (13.-22.11.2009)

Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht/Netherlands (04.-08.11.2009 )

Filmschau Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart/Germany (10.-13.12.2009)

Anilogue International Animation Festival, Budapest/Hungary (25.11.- 03.12.2009)

CIneMAiubit International Student Short Film Festival, Bukarest/Romania (09.-12.12.2009)

Whistling Woods Student Film Competition, Mumbai/India (07.-14.01.2010)

AlpeAdriaCinema Trieste Film Festival, Trieste/Italy (21.-28.01.2010 )

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film, Clermont-Ferrand/France (29.01.-06.02.2010)

Animac 2010 Lleida, San Sebastian/Spain (22.-28.02.2010)

KIKIFE Kinderfestival, Schwäbisch Gmünd/Germany (04.-07.03.2010)

GLocal Piemonte Movie Film festival, Turin/Italy (04.-12.03.2010)

Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival, Landshut/Germany (17.-21.03.2010)

FIFE Maroc International Student Film Festival, Casablanca/Marokko (24.-27.03.2010)

Schweinfurter Kurzfilmtage, Schweinfurt/Germany (29.03-02.04.2010)

Clergy-Pontoise International Short film, Clergy-Pontoise/France (07.-11.04.2010)

CMS International Children Festival, Lucknow/India (06.-12.04.2010)

Wiesbaden FBW Kurzfilm des Monats April 2010

Brussels Short Film festival, Bruessel/Belgium (29.04.-09.05.2010)

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Kurzfilmpreis, Wiesbaden/Germany (07.05.2010)

Festival International des Très Courts" 2010, Paris/France (07.-09.05.2010)

20minmax Kurzfilmfestival, Ingolstadt/Germany (15.-19.05.2010)

Cannes Film festival, German films-Next generation 2010, Cannes/France (16.05.2010)

Thalmässinger Kurzfilmtage, Thalmässing/Germany (20.-23.05.2010)

Werkstatt jungen Filmszene, Wiesbaden/Germany (21.-24.05.2010)

Plein de la Bobine Sancy Festival for young people, Sancy/France (21.-28.05.2010)

Curtocircuito International Short film festival, Santiago de Compostela/Spain (23.-30.05.2010)

Animayo 2010, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Spain (26.-30.05.2010)

Leiden International Short film festival, Leiden/Netherlands (28.05.-30.05.2010)

Teheran Short film festival, Teheran/Iran (28.05.-01.06.2010)

eurasiashorts at Goethe-Institut Washington, Washington/USA (02.-14.06.2010)

Miroirs Amovible” Animation Festival, Thaon le Vosges/France (04.-07.06.2010)

Flicks: International Student Short Film Festival, Talinn/Estonia (06.06.2010)

Tribeca Cinema Kids Club, New York/USA (05.06.2010)

Rüsselheimer Kurzfilmtage, Rüsselheim/Germany (11.-12.06.2010)

Round Table Coburg, Coburg/Germany (18.06.10-20.06.2010)

Film Palace Fest International Short Film Festival, Balchik/Bulgaria (19.06.-26.06.2010)

Grenoble International Short Film Festival, Grenoble/France (25.-27.06.2010)

Hamburg Animation Award, Hamburg/Germany (05.07.2010)

Umbria Film festival, Umbria/Italy (07.-11.07.2010)

Shorts at Moonlight, Hofheim, Frankfurt, Mainz, Bad Soden/Germany (15.07.10-14.08.2010)

Animamundi, Rio de Janeiro/Brasilia (16.-25.07.2010)

Animamundi, Sao Paulo/Brasilia (28.07.-01.08.2010)

Expresion en Corto International Short Film, San Miguel de Allende & Guanajuato/Mexico (23.07.-01.08.2010)

Amarcort Film Festival, Rimini/Italy, (30.-31.07.2010)

International Festival of Animation Cinema and Comics, Rimini/Italy (31.07.2010)

Woods Hole Film Festival, Cape Cod/USA, (31.07.-07.08.2010)

MoliseCinema Film Festival, Casacalenda/Italy (03.-8.08.2010)

Filmnächte zwischen den Museen Bonn, Bonn/Germany (07.08.10)

Himeji International Short Film Festival, Himeji, Japan (07.-08.08.2010)

ALPINALE Kurzfilmfestival, Bludenz/Austria (10.-14.08.2010)

4. Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Weiterstadt/Germany (14.08.2010)

Theatron Festival, München/Germany (14.08.2010)

KEI-week, University of Groningen / Netherlands, (16.-20.08.2010)

Concorto Film festival, Pontenure/Italy (22.-29.08.2010)

Asolo ART Film Festival, Asolo/Italy (27.08-05.09.2010)

Ars Electronica Animation Festival, Linz/Austria (02.-11.09.2010)

Green Screen Internationales Naturfilmfestival; Eckernförde/Germany (09.-12.09.2010)

Reanimania Yerevan International Animation Film festival, Yerevan/Armenia (9.-13.09.2010)

Aye Aye International Film Festival, Nancy/France (11.09.-04.11.2010)

Shortmoves 2010, Halle/Germany, (17/18.09.2010)

15 Ourense Film Festival, Ourense/Spain (01.-09.10.2010) 

Open St. Petersburg Student Film Festival Beginning, St. Petersburg/Russia (01.-06.10.2010) 

Calgary International Film festival, Alberta / Canada (24.09.-03.10.2010)

Sapporo International Short Film Festival, Sapporo/Japan (6.-11.10.2010) 

shnit International shortfilmfestival, Bern, Köln, Cape Town (6.-10.10.2010)

Discovery Film Festival, Dundee/Scotland (08.-30.10.2010)

Warsaw Film festival, Warschau/Polen (8.-17.10.2010)

Animest International Animation Film festival, Bukarest/Romania (08.-17.10.2010)

Festival du court, Lille/France (09.-16.10.2010) 

Bunter Hund Festival, München (14-17.10.2010)

Festival Metro in Barcelona/Spain (15.-24.10.2010)

Festival International des ecoles au cinema, Huy/Belgium (20.-24.10.2010)

Festival du Film d’Animation pour la Jeunesse, Bourg-en-Bresse/France (23.-27.10.2010)

Molodist International Film festival, Kiew/Ukraine (23.-30.10.2010)

Festival du cinema Abiti-TZmiscamingue, Quebec/Canada (30.10.-04.11.2010) 

Leidsfilmfestival, Leiden/Netherlands (28.-29.10.2010)

animago CONFERENCE, Potsdam/Germany (28.-29.10.2010) 

Yasujiro Ozu International Short Film Festival, Sassuolo/Italy (29.-31.10.2010)

Konstanzer Kurzfilmspiele, Konstanz/Germany (30/31.10.2010)

The Samhlaiocht Kerry Film Festival, Ireland (01.11.2010)

Festival Internacional de Filmets de Badalona, Badalona/Spain (05.-13.11.2010)

SESIFF International Extreme-Short 2010, Seoul/Korea (05.-11.11.2010)

ISFF Hollywood International Student festival, USA 

Alcine Festival de Cine, Spain (05.-14.11.2010)

Diessener kurzfilmfestival, Diessen/Germany (09.-13.11.2010) 

Flensburger Kurzfilmtage, Flensburg/Germany (10-13.11.2010)

21.Kinofest Lünen, Lünen/Germany (11-14.11.2010)

CutOut Fest 2010, QuerZtaro/Mexico (11.-13.11.2010)

Festival International du Film d'Amiens, Amiens/France (12-21.11.2010)

Bolzano Short Film Festival, Bozen/Italy (11.-13.11.2010)

Fünf-Seen Film-Festival, Starnberg (27.07.–04.08.2010) 

Sequence Short Film Festival, Toulouse/France (12.-28.11.2010)

30th Munich International Festival of Film School, München/Germany (14.-20.11.2010)

Gonfreville International Film festival, France (14.11.-21.11.2010)

Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams, Talinn/Estonia (19.11.-23.11.2010)

Kinoproba International Film schools festival, Ekaterinburg/Russsia (01.-04.12.2010)

SKENAUP, Proshtina/Kosovo (3.-10.12.2010)

BIFE International Bi-Annual for school films, Tunis/Tunesia (03.-08.12.2010)

Kathmandu International Mountain Film festival, Kathmandu/Nepal (09.-13.12.2010)

Sottodiciotto Short Film festival, Turin/Italy (09.-18.12.2010)

Deutsche Kurzfilmtage, Budapest/Hungary (10.-12.12.2010)

LUCAS Internationales Kinderfilmfestival, Frankfurt/Germany (05.-12.09.2010)

FICMÉC 2010, 4th International Student Short Film Festival, Beirut/Lebanon (13.-16.12.2010)

SIGGRAPH ASIA (Electronic Theater Screening), Seoul/South Korea (15.-18.12.2010)

Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, Bamberg/Germany (17.-23.01.2011)

California Independent Film Festival, Moraga/California USA (28.01.-03.02.2011)

Anima 2011 Animation festival, Bruessel/Belgium (04.-13.03.2011)

Tehran Animation festival, Tehran/Iran (06.-10.03.2011)

International Short Film festival, Saguenay/Canada (09.-13.03.2011) 

Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche, Regensburg/Germany (16.-23.03.2011)

HKIFF, Hong  Kong/China (20.03.-02.04.2011)

Monstra Animated Film Festival, Lissabon/Portugal (21.-27.03.2011)

Cleveland International Film festival, Cleveland/USA (24.03.-03.04.2011)

Kurzfilmwochenende Augsburg/Germany (07.-10.04.2011)

Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax/Canada (12.-16.04.2011)

cellu l'art Festival, Jena/Germany (13.-16.04.2011)

Los Angeles International New wave Film festival, Los Angeles/USA (22.-25.04.2011)

Mostra de Cinema de Muntanya dels Pirineus PICURT, La Seu dÕurgell/Spain, (24.-28.04.2011)

Arrecife,11th Film Festival of Lanzarote, Lanzarote/Spain (24.04.11-06.05.2011)

34. Grenzland-Filmtage, Selb/Germany (28.04.–01.05.2011)

Brussels Short Film Festival, Bruessel/Belgium (28.04.-05.05.2011)

Grande Prairie, Reel Shorts Film Festival, Canada (04.-08.05.2011)

China International KINGBONN Shorts AWARD Shenzen/China (13.-16.05.2011)

FICIC, Cosquin/Argentina (26.-28.05.2011)

Worldwide short film festival, Toronto/Canada (31.05.-05.06.2011)

Festival de cine corto,
Madrid/Spain (08.-12.06.2011)

Provincetown International film festival,
Provincetown/Ma USA (15.-19.06.2011)

Palm Springs International Short fest,
Palm Springs/USA (21.-27.06.2011)

NAFF 2011, Neum /
Bosnia  & Herzegovina (25.06.-01.07.2011)

Trieste/Italy (01.-09.07.2011)

One Country one film festival,
Apchat/France (29.-31.07.2011)

Flickers Rhode Island International film festival, RI / USA (09.-14.08.2011)

BUSTER Copenhagen International Film Festival for children and youth 2011,
Copenhagen/Denmark (15.-25.09.2011)

Milwaukee Film Festival, Milwaukee / USA (22.09.-02.10.2011)

ANIFEST Rozafa 2011, Shkodra / Albania (26.09.-01.10.2011)

Festival Paris Court Devant, Paris / France (13.-16.10.2011)

Emmentaler Filmtage, Walkringen / Switzerland (14.-16.10.2011)

Comedy Cluj 2011, Cluj/ Romania (14.-23.10.2011)

Filmlabfestival, Brescia / Italy (20.10.2011)

San Jose Short film festival , San Jose / USA (20.-23.10.2011)

Chicago International Film festival, Chicago / USA (21.-30.10.2011)  

9th International Animated Film Festival TINDIRINDIS, Vilnius/Lithuania (24.-30.10.2011)
Curta Cinema, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil (27.10 - 06.11.2011)

Internationale Kurzfilmtage , Winterthur / Switzerland (09.-13.11.2011)

Reggio film festival , Regio Emilia /  Italy (10.-14.11.2011)

International Children´s film festival India: Golden Elephant, Mumbai / India (14.-20.11.2011)

24th Foyle film festival, Londonderry /United Kingdom (23.-27.11.2011)

International Comedy Film festival , Berlin / Germany (07.-14.12.2011)

Victoria Independent Film festival , Melbourne / Australia (22.01.2012)

International Film festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam / Netherlands (25.01-05.02.2012)

  Children´s filmfestival  Northwest film forum, Seattle / USA (28.01.-05.02.2012)

BAMKids Film festival, New York / USA (02.-05.02.2012)

Jamestown Art center, Rhode Island / USA (06.02.2012)

Cinema Society of San Diego, San Diego / USA (07.02.2012)

Watersprite student film festival, Cambridge / Great Britain (24.-26.02.2012)

Byron Bay film festival, Byron Bay / Australia (02.-11.03.2012)

Soul 4 Reel, Forestville, Maryland / USA (23.-24.03.2012)

Taiwan International children´s film festival, Taipei / Taiwan (April 2012)

River Run International Film Festival, Winston-Salem, NC / USA (13.-22.04.2012)

BE Film The Underground Film festival, New York / USA (24.-28.04.2012)

Pause Fest, Melbourne / Australia ()

Singapore International Children's Film Festival, Singapore (May 2012)

Kashish MIQFF, Mumbai / India (May 2012)

Film Fest Petaluma, Petaluma, California / USA (05.05.2012) 

Little Big shots Int. film festival, Melbourne / Australia (09.-13.06.2012)

Sardinia Film festival, Sassari / Italy (25.-30.06.2012)

Festival Ojo al Piojo, Argentina (19.-21.07.2012)

Open Eyes, Marburg / Germany (13.-15.07.2012)

Ballston Spa film festival, Ballston Spa, NY / USA (03.08.2012)

Roanne animation festival - cine court de anime, France (2012)

Festival internacional de cine de Mar de Plata, Buenos Aires/ Argentina (17.-25.11.2012)

219 festivals so far...

damn... that's a lot!

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California Independent Film Festival, Moraga/California USA (28.01.- 03.02.2011)

ANIMA 2011 Brussels Animation Films Festival, Bruessel/Belgium (04.03.11-13.03.2011)